In this short and brief article, I want to expose for you business architects, consultants in information technology and CIO’s as well as other interested managers, as a small and shallow enterprise architecture diagram can help and guide business strategy; in essence and in my opinion the enterprise architecture serves to fulfill this corporate strategy. I want to involve also marketing professionals, because I include as a complement to the strategy the issue of “SOCIAL MEDIA APPS”, which is so important these days.


I was competing for business technology leader job position in a company dedicated to the elaboration of cosmetic products of all kinds, for all ages and sexes. Within your business goals, business innovation is a key factor for their growth and increase their share in the national and international market. The case is as follows:

The company has representatives in the Latin American continent that are 20,000 representatives. Each representative is responsible for 100 users, who in turn have contact with the public in general.

Taking into account that the relationship with our customers must be guaranteed from start to finish and that the relationship should be taken for physical and virtual media.

Propose technological infrastructure AAS (Adequate, Accessible and Suitable) model that integrates business processes with the processes of relationship with representatives and the public in general.

After this I proceeded to do the suggested model, with some of these considerations:


  1. 1. The company is clear that innovation is a main goal to grow and it has prioritized in its corporate strategic plan.
  2. 2. The company does not have clear as information technology will help the goal of business innovation, but it is clear that they need a business role of architecture as it is “Technology leader”, show them the way. In an indirect way, it knows that I.T. is fundamental to the implementation of the corporate strategy.
  3. 3. The company is possibly starting in the world of enterprise architecture, in a non-formal way.
  4. 4. The company already has with operational processes and relationship with its customers and representatives already defined and some automated.
  5. 5. The company has some systems but they are legacy and they are not currently integrated.
  6. 6. The company does not have a current schema of how is your technological infrastructure (an AS-IS).
  7. 7. There is no further information since by business secrecy, there are many elements that can not be placed and can have gaps in the technology model, information and business.
  8. 8. The case is divided it into two parts: the first part of technological infrastructure, and the second part  representatives with relationship and customers.
  9. 9 There is no Balance Score Card or Analytics.
  10. 10 Keyword INTEGRATE.

In this order of ideas, show the first scheme to compete for the business office where I do emphasis in the platform or information layer:

In the second image I do emphasis on block solution platform or technology layer that supports the previous:

Since I manage the themes of business architecture, and modeling of the same use as always archimate to visualize it, also the challenge was just that: MODELING.

Then I will explain the solution blocks used for the model I suggested to participate by the job position.

Social media apps: In this information and application-level solution block, proposes to establish services that end customers and representatives can access all such unstructured information that social networks provide about tastes and interests related to what the company performs and that are key because on the one hand determine what the final customers are looking for and this information will be key to innovate both in the business strategy , as in the products and services offered to customers.

ERP System: This block already refers to the operating processes already existing in the company and some already automated. It highlights the functions of the application layer or more important information that must be integrated into the proposed model such as stock, distribution, SCM, product orders as main architecture functions within the ERP.

CRM system: This fundamental solution block that already exists and saves customer information, users and call center service.

BSC: This block does not exist but it is fundamental because in managing the business dimensions organizational, financial, client and internal processes capabilities, it allows to have reports of business performance in real time. It will also feed the strategy of “How to Execute innovation better” which is key in this company.

Business Intelligence and Analytics: this fundamental solution block in organizations, complementary to each other, allows you to know your past to make decisions about your products and services. It also allows you to see how the past behavior of your operation was and how it is present to determine specifically which services and products to innovate in addition to having unstructured information repositories.

Cloud SOA Platform Services: This is the key solution block that responds to the word INTEGRATION. Here what I propose is to integrate all the technological platform required for the execution of the company’s strategy in the cloud using architectural blocks as databases, data warehouses, e-commerce services, Web services, other legacy platforms but already installed and configured in the cloud. This is the block that in my opinion for what the company needs would be the one that responds to the AAS model (Adequate, Accessible, suitable).

Node transactional system/Node system support decisions: These two solution blocks separately be the physical infrastructure provided minimally by the cloud service provider to support the previously exposed SOA block.

It is clear that there are many more details and elements for the technological architecture model that was the subject of the job position contest. However with the information given, this was my proposal, which I reiterate, the business architecture serves to execute the business strategy: it will already depend on the development of the same what gaps it has and which should be the best way forward.

And you, a consultant in digital marketing in the solution of social media apps, what would have been your contribution? What would it take there?

And you, business architect, what would have been your model to compete for the job position?

If you want to know how to run the enterprise strategy through the implement Enterprise Architecture framework, contact me here.