Today I want to try to model a little or try to build what could be the architectural components for a health sector company. I came up with this and this sector because in the Latin American countries it would be really useful to have at least one example of how to organize a hospital institution so that it really works and fulfills its mission to the citizens. Surely in Europe and other advanced countries this is already solved and there will be no more than “invent”.

Since one of the main functions of the business architecture is to execute the corporate strategy, by developing a little this will be possible to visualize missing elements and that make that the not having the service is not the one expected by the Citizens.

It will use the “Architecture continuum” that proposes TOGAF (I am aware that it is not clear, that there are elements that do not consider and even a little ideal considering the business model that is today); However it could be an interesting point this point as a departure for a possible discussion.


I show the following schema to start from a point:

Source: http://www.opengroup.org/public/arch/p3/ec/ec_ac.htm

If we leave then for a hospital institution, it should have in the first instance motivating, which makes, which operational model has, human resources, business processes, business functions, technology also elements as stakeholders, and Institutional allies.

At follows one possible general meta model:

Nothing unusual here. All hospital institutions have it. Or so it should be. Similar to a value chain or process map. Or at least the process map should be built on a model similar to this.

Let’s get off the level a little bit more. At this level a hospital needs specific requirements and capacities. They could normally be reflected as macro processes. As I can show you next:

Now the next thing is to show common industry models. To not do so long and wasteful this example, since that exercise should be done in real and not hypothetical environments like this, then only the government function is taken to comment a bit the architecture of common industry and alone will be used on the axis Example the framework audit process.

For a hospital it must have specific processes, specific requirements, and above all architectural elements to work properly.

Then, the audit macro process would have:

  • – Plan
  • – Execute
  • – Report
  • – Corrective Actions
  • – Following

In addition the requirements for a specific hospital, some of them could be in the role of government.

  • – Information and Communication Management
  • – Governance, leadership and direction
  • – Corporate Governance Standards which apply
  • – Many Others additionals

And the most important thing that institutional architecture components of the hospital some important blocks that should have some of them are:

  • – Competencies
  • – Risks
  • – Documents
  • – Incidents
  • – Processes
  • – Performance

This would be the example scheme:

In business architecture, this would be the architectural blocks that make a government area work for a hospital. Probably missing, but it would be normal and minimal.


After seeing these blocks of architecture it is necessary to group them in a set of solutions or sets if they are several because of there will leave the projects for the structuring of this area and also the projects for the technological area to support the correct Operation of the area of government.

Then, the possible solution building block would be:

  • – Institutional Governance Framework

And of course a technological solution specifies that it fulfills these required functions and business performance requirements.


I know that the model proposed by TOGAF is not clear and gives the meta model in my opinion to be raised in many ways. So this model is not perfect or intended to be. It’s totally open to discussions.

I know that in a hospital there may be many more elements in the role of government. They were omitted and also by ignorance because I do not know in depth the models of company type hospitals. These models are built thinking a little about the reality of Latin America.

Already thinking about the architecture of the specific organization of a hospital already depends on other factors and the specific project that gives origin to it; And in the same way the specific information technology solution must respond to the organization for which it will be implemented.

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