At this time where there are so many frames of reference for construction of new information technologies, culture and ways of working in departments of I.T., on this occasion fairly independent of those forms, management and Government of I.T., I want to briefly discuss management of I.T. Services. And all this because we ourselves often want to highlight to the inside of an organization or have greater visibility as freelancers we tend to complicate everything. And business just for being so complicated many times we still see with bad eyes.


Service: A way to provide value to customers providing results that want a avoiding bear costs and specific risks.

Process: A set of coordinated activities that combine and implement resources and skills in order to achieve a result, which directly or indirectly, provide value to the user or customer.

All service is backed by processes, therefore the relationship of these two important concepts before going to the issue of what is a service of I.T. and its management.

I.T. Service: It is a set of activities that seek to respond to one or more needs of a client through a change of condition computer goods boosting the value of these and reducing the risk inherent in the system.

I.T. management Service: The it service management is a discipline based on processes, focused on aligning I.T. Services with the needs of enterprises, with emphasis on the benefits that the customer can receive.

Having these quite clear basic concepts we can lead with objectivity an I.T., within any organization organization.

What is a service in general?

– What is being delivered to customers

– Be activated by an application

– So the customer knows what cannot be expected

– Integrate with different processes

– Always you must add value to the customer

In Information technology, these could be examples of I.T. Services broadly:

Custom application development

Applications management

Migration and re-engineering

Systems integration


Performance engineering

IT consulting, including architecture and technology, risk management, infrastructure, process management services and information services you, strategy and direction of TI, master data management, solutions engineering performance and warranty and quality testing

Evaluation of the preparation of the infrastructure of I.T.

Support at I.T.

Data center management

Computer services to the end user

Database services

Applications management services

The command center services

Managed security services

… And many more!

What is a process in general?

Now well look at the processes that you do:

– How to do things

– Represented as workflow

– Triggered by an event or service request

– Only you can add value

In Information technology, these could be examples broadly I.T. processes:

Those of COBIT

Those of ITIL

Those of SCRUM

Those of DEVOPS

¡¡… And many more all I.T. frameworks that exist!


Here you are a scheme of a table of I.T., basic services solution:

The solution is simple and almost explained by itself alone. There is a user who requires information or make a request through perfectly defined business interfaces and that are received on a service table. This service has the ability to detect change in the platforms of information technologies, requirements and incidents. When the cases are solved, it responds to the user who has made the request.

Now well has engaged other areas such as the changes in information systems and when changes are important size is necessary to an area to control the implementation and the development of new information systems as a project area that controls throughout the lifecycle of new technologies. In addition this project area may be used for all the company’s projects; not only technological.


If a company that has decided to implement an ERP solution to the inside of the same (is the implementation it will do with its own resources without outsourcing, which in today’s world is very rare to say that non-existent), the company should first implement a service management structure to support the operation of this solution and subsequent projects that develop once put up the solution.

In addition if you decided using own resources not only for this project, but for all future projects an own PMO should be considered first given that strategically will meet the goals of the company.

Below an example of a map of transition for the construction of a system of management of I.T. Services

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