Business transformation is often necessary and there is awareness of doing it. Sometimes it is clear the new or old capacities to be developed as raised in this model,…ise-architecture/.

But many times it is not clear how to get to that transformation. Especially the senior executives who in many cases in these latitudes do not have a training that allows them to see the most important elements to achieve the business transformation. The idea is that those who have idea of how to make business architecture we show them those elements.


Here are some keywords to start designing this route map model.

  • – Mission
  • – Drivers
  • – Value
  • – Objectives
  • – Goals
  • – Strategy
  • – Laws, regulations, restrictions
  • – Time Events – milestones
  • – Business Architecture states
  • – Portfolio, Project programs
  • – Roles, collaborators, actors, business partners
  • – Places – Locations
  • – Entities – Business objects

In this order of idea we will try to illustrate it in a simple way:

Lack of articulation. In the following illustration it is more clear how to accommodate and group these elements. In this sense, Zachmann is very useful and practical:

On the Web site, and There is an example already in particular for a specific case already developed.

The idea is, in a company already with objectives, goals and specific plans is to place the company’s own elements within each of the elements already displayed and to create the views corresponding to the business executives interested in the business transformation.

An important point here are the created business capacities. To see an example of business capabilities model go to…ise-architecture/.